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26 December 2008 @ 01:12 pm

よー!アミナです~( ̄ー ̄)yup. my journal is dead. I created one so that I can access the lovely communities out there (and comment of course. I'm not evil). I really don't have anything to write but you'll have to know that I'm a huge KAT-TUN fan therefore an eternal 「-」. yup that's right. I support 赤西仁 too. as a matter of fact I support the six no matter what. yes I'm loyal fan. a 100% 仁亀 supporter. let's see, other than KAT-TUN...I've been a One Piece fan ever since it started airing (that's ages ago). a  freak. and when I say "freak" I literally mean it. I'm not gonna mention every single anime I love 'cause that will never end. so all you need to know is that I love KAT-TUN, anime, gaming, oh and yaoi of course. that I enjoy indeed. /smirks

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[info]minty_peach and [info]kawaiikame ありがとう~ 

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